We are a group of local writers (from the Pacific Northwest) that have banded together in order to pursue writing as a hobby and/or career. We are dedicated to learning more about writing as a craft and helping each other with our projects. We meet every Saturday to discuss writing topics, our current projects, fundraising ideas/projects, “field trips”, and other topics of interest. We also spend time writing in a peaceful, friendly environment (away from screaming kids, barking dogs, and other nagging family members).

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Joy Bernardo is a freelance and ghostwriter.  Her fiction has been featured in various short story anthologies. In her spare time she likes to sew plushies, bake tasty treats, and camp out in the Pacific Northwest with her husband. She likes long walks on the beach, reading, writing, and watching really bad sci-fi movies. When she writes, her genre of choice is horror/thriller or satire. She is currently working on her first full length novel.

Jake DeVore not yet published but is working on his first full-length piece. His primary passions are computer gaming, WWII Reenacting and experiencing the great outdoors of the Pacific Northwest. He is a founding member of WFPS and prefers to write sci-fi/fantasy or historical fiction.

Devon Steele has been writing stories since she learned how to shape a sentence (and still has some of them somewhere), and dreams of one day being a published fantasy and/or romance author. In the meantime, she enjoys writing as a hobby, amidst caring for her husband, two boys, a cat, a dog, and a growing home-based business. Pet peeves include inconsiderate drivers, apostrophe ignorance, and whining. She takes the English language seriously, and likes to think she is ruthless — yet fair — when asked to proof-read a document. She asks you not to fear the red pen, but to embrace it. It builds character. You should also eat your vegetables.

Lee Gunby is a published RPG freelance writer attempting to put together his own pieces for mass consumption. Despite full-time work and wrangling two children, he still somehow believes he has time to write. Miraculously, he has nine professional credits with Fantasy Flight Games and is working on a novel and a short story set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe that he hopes will see the light of day (overshadowed by a long-term contract for future work). He also writes spoken word poetry and gaming haiku, attends adult summer camp, and attempts to learn the ukulele. In the writings of the far future, there is only editing…

Chuck Howerton is a retired Computer Science and Software Engineering Professor living in Sequim. He has been writing fiction since he was in his teens and had a short story and a poem published in the high school talent magazine. He has a number of technical publications relating to teaching Computer Science and Software Engineering most of which were non-fiction. His avocation is writing and he has taken several courses in creative writing since retiring. He has a novella self-published on Amazon Kindle Direct called “Orca’s Bay”. If that is publishing, then he is published (royalties to date $5.40). He has a short story being edited, and is finishing a novel started during the 2013 NaNoWriMo event. Writing a novel has been a life-long dream. He has several other writing projects on the spike waiting for him to finish the novel.

Katy Fulton

Nikita Baker

Guy Fulton

Hannah Jahnke

Joan Willoughby

* * *Now Introducing***


These fantastic writers don’t currently attend meetings regularly, but we still love them. They come from all around the world and participate in our festivities via Skype, Facebook, and on our website.

Ashley Munkres

Kevin Bronnimann is an aspiring writer with a stock pot full of ideas. In the future, he’d like to publish a novel. Aside from reading and writing, he enjoys hiking, cooking, and drawing. His ninja hideout is in the interior of British Columbia.

Catherine Peterson is attempting to work against fate and try her hand at being a writer, though a palm reader told her on her 18th birthday she would never be one. Said palm reader also claimed to be a reincarnated fairy married to a reincarnated dragon that was having troubles adjusting to everyday human life so Catherine feels there is a margin of error in her favor. She works part time at a local nonprofit in Spokane and has finally adopted the city as home after a decade of happily living here ensconced amongst rescued pets and piles of just as rescued old books.

Emily Moore – Emily G. Moore is a poet, freelance writer, and storyteller, the first of which her mom still has recorded on a cassette tape. She is new to WFPS, and is also an active member of Kitsap Writer’s Group and an email writer’s response group. When she’s not telling “Mommy Made stories” to her two daughters or nagging her husband to edit her latest manuscript, she can be found preparing ice breakers for her next MOPS meeting, attending bible study, or on a long, plot-refreshing jog. Her favorite genre to write, so far at least, is middle grade fantasy adventures. But she is toying with the idea of a YA novel now.


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