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New Format, Willamette Writer’s Conference, and Spoken Word

Hello everyone!

I’m in the middle of my work day. I figured that I would stop by and make the changes that I promised last week. Let me know what you think (if it’s hard to read or if you have any other suggestions).

WFPS is so excited to be going to the conference in August. If you haven’t checked out the Willamette Writers Conference yet, here is the link. The workshops they are offering this year look fantastic and range from novel writing, poetry, nonfiction, to script-writing. If you do end up going, please send me an e-mail at and we’ll have to try and schedule to meet up at one of the workshops in Portland!

In a couple weeks, some of the WFPS members and I will be going to our first (well, my first — I’m not sure about everyone else) spoken word performance down by the waterfront. I’m super stoked about it because I love seeing the different forms of writing. I’ve always been interested in spoken word, from the first time that I heard Taylor Mali:

This one is one of my favorites (our secretary, Katy, reminded me of it the other day):

…to when I heard Sarah Kay’s famous TEDTalk about the subject:

Though I have to say that when I saw this performance by Neil Hilborn, I was hooked:

If you’ve never seen spoken word poetry and if you absolutely hated poetry in high school, these videos may just blow your mind wide open.

All right, back to work for me.

Write on. XOXO

Love, Joy



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