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Writing Tip #1: You Must Write…Something

I don’t know if this is just a post-NaNo slump (does that even happen when you don’t win NaNo?) but I’m going through…a thing. Does that ever happen to you? Well, let me elaborate…


Halfway through April I stopped writing fiction. I was swamped at work. I focused all of my energy on my non-fiction work. I wanted to save up money for the big move next year so I  picked up a couple of extra contracts, etc. You get it. Work. Work. Work. Well, all of that must have taken a  toll on me because whenever I sat down to write fiction… nothing came out. I could must a few hours of plotting but that was the most that I could get. It’s been ongoing…since the middle of April. That’s been well over two weeks now.

While that may not feel like a long time for some people, it has felt like ages for me. I’ve been writing since I was in fifth grade: short stories, flash fiction, plays, screenplays, novel length pieces, poetry, etc. While I recognize that I don’t churn out Hemingway or Shakespeare every day, just the act of writing fiction was therapeutic. And here I am. Two weeks. Nothing.

I don’t know what to do with myself.

One of the members of WFPS said that he wouldn’t be able to make the meeting at the end of April, so I volunteered to swap the “job” of leading a workshop with him. At first, it seemed as though I had put too much on my plate, but then I thought, “Oh, this can be it! This will help me get back in my groove!” So I’ve researched. And I’ve researched.

I’ve read up on Conflict & Suspense.

I made a PowerPoint.

It has pictures.

weep with joy

It has gifs.


It has graphs.


It has bullet-points.


It’s informative.

And I’m still not writing fiction. *facepalm* I don’t understand it.

I’m hoping that this Saturday…errm, tomorrow (when I have to give my presentation), it will all come back to me. Our meetings usually help spark something in me. I’m hoping that this Saturday will be no different. That being said, I probably should go through the presentation tonight and maybe I can spark something while I’m practicing it.

I must write. I know it. As far as I have seen/experienced/read-about, the best remedy for something like this is to just glue my butt to my chair and punch out a thousand words. So perhaps that is what I will do. Block out an hour tonight so that I can just write whatever comes to my mind…, which may be absolute gibberish — but at least it’s something.

So my question to you is…

Have you ever gone through this before? What did you do to get out of your rut?

Love, Joy



I'm Jocelyn DeVore - writer, reader, student for life, daughter, friend, artist, nerd, movie lover, avid coffee drinker, obsessive reader, and girl.

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