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Writing Prompts: Fantasy World


Snails live in a magical world. Don’t believe me? Check out these awesome macro pictures. Sometimes, all we have to do to find a fantasy world is to see things from a different perspective.

Now write a story about what it would be like to be a snail for a day. What do you see? What do you feel? What do you sense? What adventures do you have? Who are your friends? What enemies do you have?

Happy Writing!

Love, Joy



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3 thoughts on “Writing Prompts: Fantasy World

  1. Chelle slowly rounded the base of the great shiny floor, a cool expanse that stretched upwards into the sky as far as she could see. It seemed as good a direction to move as any, and certainly preferable over the large, rough rectangles she had forced herself over earlier that morning. On more than one occasion, she thought she would have to give up and remain on the slightly smoother strips that lay between the rougher parts. However, now that she had made it beyond that barrier, she was determined to see what lay at the top of this new and strange land. Barely twenty minutes had passed when Chelle got the fright of her life; some huge beast had seen fit to try and bite her from the odd surface but had seemed unable to do so. Curving her eyestalks towards the clear ground she was sliming her way up, she could see a large, wide face with a confused look etched upon it. The thing was huge, and try as she might, Chelle could not see the bottom of it. She twisted one eye to look further down, the disparity in having two different points of view made her dizzy – it always did! She realised she was now high enough that the beginnings of her journey were out of sight. The creature watching her was gargantuan and must have been at least as tall as her current height. She gave silent thanks to the protective properties of the land she travelled and squelched onward with her ascent.

    The climb had remained somewhat uneventful for the hours that followed on the delightful surface, and soon enough Chelle saw the end of this stage of her journey. She was a little disheartened to see that it looked like more of those scraping rectangles made up the rest of the journey beyond.
    “Nevermind.” It was getting dark now anyway, and the cold made her eyes twitch back into her body.
    She used the rest of her strength to seclude herself in the corners between the shiny and the rough, and retracted into her shell for the night. Perhaps she wouldn’t try and journey over that rending land in the morning, she was quite happy on this smooth place. Easy on her foot, she thought. She enjoyed the warmth and cosiness in her shell and fell asleep in short time, dreaming about a life on this land: the patio doors of a small rural cottage.

  2. Oh, I love this! So whimsical and fun. It makes me want to reminisce and think about my “big” dreams as well. Not to mention, that’s the cutest name for a snail that I’ve ever heard. šŸ˜€ You did a wonderful job with this!

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