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From the Desk of a Freelance Writer: Writing Goals for 2014



Happy Easter everyone! If you don’ celebrate Easter, then “Happy Sunday“. Here, have this slightly misshapen, chocolate bunny…


I know that it is Sunday and it’s a holiday, which means that no one wants to think about work. However, I found that on this holiday (whichever holiday you may want to celebrate today as it is both the 20th day of April for all of you potheads, Easter for the religiously inclined, and the Pagan holiday for fertility and…chocolate eggs?), I’ve been reexamining my writing goals.

It is month number four in “Operation Write-All-The-Awesome-Things 2014“. I’ve been writing my little Freelance butt off. However, I’ve been neglecting Camp NaNo and my fiction writing duties. I’ve been meaning to talk to everyone in the group about their writing goals so that we can make sure that we’re still on track (perhaps I’ll do that during this next meeting).

As far as my goals go:

  • 2k minimum for fiction and nonfiction: Well, I surpass 2k of nonfiction every day (in fact I almost double that every day). However, I don’t nearly write enough fiction. I shall remedy this!
  • Have something tangible and ready by August: Oh, yeah. I kinda forgot about this one…
  • Make more money as a writer: Well, since I got a raise last month and my word count has doubled, I’m doing great for this one!

I want to add two more starting in May:

  • Write some unpublished clips, and pitch to more magazines and publications.
  • Get at least 6 articles published in *more well known* publications this year.

For a large chunk of people around the world, Easter represents resurrection. I’m taking that idea and running with it. I’m hoping that these new goals and my reexamination of my current goals will help me become more successful. I am “resurrecting” my writing spirit. Along those lines…

I spent this lent trying to incorporate some minimalistic practices and theories (“don’t spend my money on frivolous things”) and anger management techniques (“recognize my anger toward a particular person and redirect it”). While I had a lot of tests during the last month or so (and I stumbled a lot), I was so happy with my experience that I intend on choosing one of my values to strengthen every month for 2014.

For May, it will be creativity. I will spend my “free time” (haha, free time. I’m so funny) trying to strengthen my creativity. I’ll share my experiences with you guys (my favorite wordsmiths), in hopes that the tools and tips that I learn about next month will help inspire you as well.

Okay, back to work and the word mines for me…

word mines

Then research and more research…and fiction!


All the werdz!

Moar werdz!

Love, Joy



I'm Jocelyn DeVore - writer, reader, student for life, daughter, friend, artist, nerd, movie lover, avid coffee drinker, obsessive reader, and girl.

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