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Character Development: Three Prongs


I still listen to podcasts. No you haven’t jumped into a time machine. No, this isn’t the 90’s. I just like to listen to things while I handle my responsibilities (like cleaning the house or organizing my desk). I have been happily subscribed to “Writing Excuses” podcast for a while now. They have great (and short) podcasts about writing themes like character development and plot devices.

Yesterday’s post was about the Three-Pronged Character Development. Check out that link. It’s only 20 minutes long. Also, I think it’s funny that they just posted about character development when we were supposed to have a presentation about that last Sunday. Tee hee. Talk about coincidence. 🙂

After you’ve listened to it, comment down below. Tell me what you think.

If you like that episode, I highly recommend subscribing and/or listening to their archives. So much information!

Love, Joy



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