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Writing Prompt: Tell Me About Death


Tell me about a conversation that your main character had with death. What form did death take? What did they both talk about?

What did death smell like? Ash and smoke? Rotting meat? Flowery perfume?

Did they have lunch together? What did death eat? Side salad and water? Steak – blue – with some red wine?

What did death feel like? Does your character literally brush up against death? Was death sandpapery and ashy? Rough like sandpaper? Soft? Velvety?

What did death sound like? Does death have a deep voice? Was death an animal? Did death growl? Does death take the form of an approachable and adorable little girl? Does death have the voice to match?

Remember to bring in all of the the readers senses…

Okay now what did your character do after the conversation? Was your character sent on a mission? Did your character accept said mission? Why did death choose to talk to your main character? Was it coincidence? Wrong place at the wrong time?

Happy writing everyone! If you write something fantastic and want to share it with us, feel free to post it on your blog and link it back to us in the comments section below.

Love, Joy




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