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Advice From Other Writers and Writing Schedules


I find that one of the things which keeps me motivated to write fiction every day is to read the blogs of other writers. My personal favorite writing blogs belong to Chuck Wendig ( and Neil Gaiman (Neil Gaiman’s Journal). As for as other writing themed blogs and podcasts (yes, people still make those — no it’s not 2005 anymore) my personal favorites are The Renegade Writer, Writing Excuses, and The Narrative Breakdown. Check out some of these links and let me know what you think.

Terrible Minds is great because it really kicks you in the teeth when you need it. Chuck Wendig is unabashed and knows the full range of our favorite four letter word…or perhaps your least favorite four letter word. Either way, consider this a disclaimer: Chuck swears a lot.

Neil Gaiman’s Journal is, well, Neil Gaiman’s journal. Isn’t that all that really needs to be said. If you’re a fan of his work and genre, I highly recommend his blog.

The Renegade Writer is my newest find. It is professional and helpful. There are no swear words…at least, I haven’t run across any yet. It’s a great toolbox find. What I mean by that is, you will be able to learn a lot about the mechanics and inner workings of being a successful writer from this website.

Writing Excuses is great because the podcasts are fairly short (15 minutes on average). You can listen to it on your way to or from work. You can listen to it before you start writing or if you are stuck. This one is a particular favorite of Jake (the VP of WFPS).

The Narrative Breakdown has episodes which are a touch longer than Writing Excuses: about 40 minute episodes on average. They also cover a range of topics about writing and interview great and many different types of writers.

I suggest that if you had to pick two from this list, I would have you pick “Terrible Minds” and “The Narrative Breakdown.”

I’ve been trying out various writing routines. Once I find the one that fits me perfectly, I should start being more productive and prolific (okay, I may be stretching it a bit). This is my current experiment:

After I get done with work for the day (i.e. my non-fiction tasks), I listen to a writing podcast or read an blog post or article, hop in the shower

— the shower is like everyone secret idea mine, amirite? —

and when I get out, I’m usually ready to put ink to paper (or fingers to keyboard). Then at the end of the day, I treat myself with a few chapters from whatever book I’m currently reading.

With this schedule, I am averaging about 1500-2000 words per day. They aren’t all usable words but I’m trying to focus on getting a habit down. That means that right now, quantity is my friend and quality will come soon. Though I have to say, I am happy with a couple of the stories that I’ve finished since I started this schedule.

So what is your writing routine?

Which writing blogs do you follow? Or do you follow any?

Do penguins have knees?

All righty, back to the word mines.

word mines

Love, Joy



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