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Wednesday Word Workshop: Prepositional Phrases


Today we’re going to talk about prepositional phrases. They appear everywhere and there has always been an issue as to whether or not we should have prepositions at the end of sentences. Well, we can’t avoid that faux pas if we don’t know what it is, now can we?

A prepositional phrase normally has two parts:

  1. A preposition (at, by, in , of on, to , with, from, etc.) which normally helps create some kind of relationship between words, and
  2. The object of the preposition (me, you, that cat, Jim Belushi, Ronald Reagan, Madonna, that fat dog, a Russian bear, etc.)

Now when you put those two things together, you get a prepositional phrase which works like an adjective or an adverb.

Variety is the spice of life.

Madonna was eaten by a Russian bear.

Madonna  is now in the Russian Bear.

In those sentences, the word(s) in red was the object and the word in green was the preposition.

Okay, so to answer our first question (“Is it okay to end a sentence with a preposition?”), I say “Why not? We do it all the time.”

“Ugh, what did you step in?”

“That’s something that I’ve never heard of.”

“Where my b****es at?!!!”

Often in writing, scholars will scoff at it but I”m going to tell you now… No one really cares if you end a sentence with a preposition. So, yes. Please continue to do so and I will not scoff at you for doing it. Scout’s honor. Actually I’m a girl and I wasn’t even in the girl scouts so scratch that.

Trust me.

I’m a writer.


Anyway, I hope you learned something or I hope that I at least refreshed some elementary school knowledge. Happy writing, everyone!


Love, Joy




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