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Monday…erm…Afternoon Muse: Beyond These Castle Walls


A picture is worth a thousand words. This one is worth at least a short story…so that’s about 2-6 thousand words.

Write about what you see… Better yet…

Where is it? What is it a part of? Who is within the walls? Are they protecting you from what is outside? Or are they protecting themselves from you? Are you a scholar on a journey here? Are you a barbarian who wants to take these walls down? What is that smell? Do you taste pennies? What is it you hear? Feel this image with all of your senses.


Happy wordsmithing, friends!


Love, Joy



I'm Jocelyn DeVore - writer, reader, student for life, daughter, friend, artist, nerd, movie lover, avid coffee drinker, obsessive reader, and girl.

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