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Super “Market” Sunday: Duotrope


As the second official market-centered post, I would like to focus on Duotrope today. I used to visit this site religiously for open markets. The only reason that I stopped was because I stopped writing short stories (which is what I would look for). But since it is a whole new year and my focus will be more on fiction this year, I plan on dedicating a very tiny part of my paychecks to Duotrope (I believe it’s only about $5 a month).

It works like a search engine for active, open (and sometimes closed — but they always tell you if that particular market is closed) markets for both fiction and nonfiction. Most of the markets are magazines. There are a few publishing houses as well. In order to find markets, you can search by name or by genre.

The website also has a submission tracker so you can tell how often you send it submissions, how long ago it was, and so you can track notes about particular markets. I used this feature at the beginning of last year and it worked wonders!

For each market, the website will put down statistics based on the information on that market’s website but also based on the feedback from the Duotrope subscribers. You can see things from the amount of time it takes for that particular market to respond, how often they pick up subscriptions, when they are open & closed, what genres they focus on, etc. The information on this site is indispensable!

My favorite feature was the contest tracker (it’s under the “calendar” section). They will let you know about contest deadlines: how long until the deadline (the number of days until the deadline and the actual date) and will give you links to the pages and markets.

They have a trial session (I believe it is for 15 days or a month…it’s been so long that I can’t quite remember). It is definitely worth the $5 a month though! At least, it is if you are actively looking for markets to submit your work. So go check it out! You won’t be disappointed. 🙂

Love, Joy



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