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WFPS Write-A-Thon Update!

I’m so excited for the Write-A-Thon on November 30th. The group has started making some great plans for it!

Here’s what we’ve got planned so far:

  • There will be a coroner (me!) on hand for the death of any characters. I’ll be handing out death certificates to those who have characters that die on that night.
  • IMG_1624
  • We’ll have some great books to give away to those who come!
  • We’ll be having a raffle as well. Buy a raffle ticket and you can win some great prizes including some plushie plot bunnies and writer hats!
  • We have a certificate and a surprise prize for the person who writes the most during the Write-A-Thon!
  • We’ll have a congratulatory “WFPS certificate of happiness” and lots of praise for those who win NaNo this month as well!
  • We’ll have food, snacks, and drinks (as always).
  • AND MORE!!!

Next week’s write-in/writers meeting we’ll be planning more fun activities so we’ll be ready for the big event. If you want to attend, check out our Facebook page for more information.

Can you believe that we’re in the second half of November already? Not only do we [ONLY] have less than two weeks to finish our novels, we also need to be getting ready for the holidays! Luckily, Jake and I have started Christmas shopping early this year so we’ve got a chunk of our Christmas list checked off already. The presents are even wrapped!

Speaking of Christmas, the group has been talking about having a white elephant party next month. So look for that update soon!

All righty, time to head back down to the word mines.

Love, Joy



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