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NaNo Prep: Chairs, Tea, Soundtracks, and Ninjas!


I got a new office chair. I’m sorry, but I’m really excited about this. I’ve never had a good office chair. In fact before this one I was sitting in an uncomfortable, folding chair. At the end of the day my butt felt like it had been sitting on cement for eight hours straight. By back hated me and I couldn’t really blame it.

Staples was having a sale and with my “new” line of work and NaNoWriMo coming up, I figured that it would be a good investment. Needless to say, my butt is pretty happy. I am no longer butt-hurt.

So that leads to today’s question: what are your pre-NaNo rituals?

While I probably won’t be getting a new office chair every October, I did clean off my writing area. I bought myself a new box of English Breakfast tea, a box of Lemon Zinger Tea (for Jake…well, and me too), a new bag of grounds (Cafe Verona), and have been working studiously (take that adverb Nazi) on the outline of my story.

How about you, WFPS Ninjas? How are you doing? What pre-NaNo rituals do you have? Do you have your outlines tattooed on the backs of your eyelids? Yeah, me too. Have you finished your NaNo soundtracks yet?

We’ve got, like, a day and a half to get our butts in gear, people! I know you can do it! Write on!!!

Love, Joy

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