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Wednesday Writing Resource: Merriam-Webster’s Online Visual Dictionary


Happy Wednesday, Everyone! Today I wanted to talk about Merriam-Webster’s Online Visual Dictionary. It’s a wonderful tool and a great thing to bookmark onto your computer. Generally speaking, most of us are visual people. Even if we find that we learn better by hearing things (though I don’t know very many strictly auditory learners), seeing the concept at the same time will only aid you in absorbing that wonderful knowledge.

That being said, writers research a lot. We research things that make us blush, things that we feel guilty about, things that we should have learned in high school. We look up everything. If you look into our search history in Google (or Bing, or whatever you use), you will find the strangest things. Our search histories are often questionable. That’s why I’m suggesting that you give this fantastic site a bookmark. I even suggest putting it on your toolbar (that’s just how awesome it is).

My toolbar consists of: (I love picking out publications to submit to) (because I can’t spend my entire life sitting in front of a computer) (that counts as research, right?)

WordPress (I love you)

Work-Related Sites (Freelance…you’ve taken over my life) (What do you mean we only have 10 days left until November?!?!?!?!) (To brush up on some skillz)

And… & Merriam-Webster’s Visual Dictionary.

Yes, my toolbar is cluttered. No, I won’t take any off. What do you have on your toolbar, huh?

Anyway, give the website a quick look through then bookmark it next to Netflix.

Love, Joy





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