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On The WFPS Front


Good afternoon, everyone! I’ve got some wonderful news today. We have gotten a lot of positive feedback about our “Ninja Member” idea (which I originally posted here). Our vice president thinks that it would be a fantastic idea as well.

With the upcoming NaNoWriMo session in November, we have a lot of great ideas for fundraisers and other writing events. We have a Write-A-Thon event planned (complete with raffles and prizes) and write-ins available at least once a week.

I even have a bunch of ideas that I still have to pitch to the other WFPS members (including a Novel Planning/Prep Event). I think I think I see a proposal packet in my future, ha.

Wednesday and Thursday of this week (my days off) will be new member prep day for me. I’ll finalize my “new membership packet” to send for approval. I’ll draft up some other goodies and possibly a WFPS monthly newsletter that I can send out to all of the members. I’ll post updates as they arise!

I hope that you have a wonderful and relaxing Sunday. Come back tomorrow for a Monday Writing Prompt.

Love, Joy



I'm Jocelyn DeVore - writer, reader, student for life, daughter, friend, artist, nerd, movie lover, avid coffee drinker, obsessive reader, and girl.

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