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Tuesday Writing Challenge: Morning Pages


Today I’m going to talk about “morning pages.” Last summer, Jake’s incredibly awesome and artistic cousin (Dayna) gave me a book called “The Artist’s Way” which you can find here. If you haven’t heard about this book, you should stop reading this and go get it. Read it. Then come back here and praise me for bringing this light into your life. Go ahead. I’ll wait.


Okay, have you read it? Well, even if you haven’t, I’m still going to talk about “morning pages.”

In the book, Julia Cameron talks about a practice (that she does every morning) which helps her creativity flow more smoothly. She gets up and writes down everything on her mind. I’m talking To-Do lists, the weird dream that she had, everything that she’s worrying about at that moment…random things that are on her mind.

It’s like a brain dump. If she gets rid of all of these things, then she won’t have to worry about them and she can feel free to be creative and regurgitate all of that wonderful creativeness onto paper.

The only rules for morning pages are:

  1. Don’t talk about morning pages.
  2. Fill three pages with incoherent worries, lists, and random thoughts that are taking up space in your brain.
  3. Don’t talk about morning pages.
  4. Do it every morning.
  5. Don’t. Talk. About. Morning. Pages.

I’m serious. This isn’t meant to be something that you can share with everyone. It is something personal. It’s a brain dump. No one wants to watch you take a brain dump and no one wants to look at your brain dump. So get a notebook and fill it up, three pages at a time. Then hide it under your mattress like a thirteen-year-old boy with porn would do.

This is my challenge for you today. Start a “morning pages” routine and see if it helps.


Love, Joy



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