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Writing Resource: The Economist Style Guide


Hey everyone! Today’s post is going to be short (sorry). I’ve got a few projects on my hands today and I don’t want to lose momentum on them. But I didn’t want to leave you hanging either.

Writing resources are all over the internet. You just have to know where to look. I’ve got a gem for you today. It’s The Economist Style Guide and it’s lifted straight from their website into your living room! Or bedroom. Or office — you get the gist. You might be saying “But I’m not a journalist! I don’t write ‘articles’.” I don’t care what kind of writer you are (we are one big family, aren’t we), you’ll benefit from this.

Journalists have it tough sometimes because they don’t get the luxury of having a bazillion, flowery words to use in order to get the story across. Sometimes, I think that we (storytellers) need to exercise that as well. We get so caught up in metaphors, expositions, adjectives and other things that make our paragraphs “beautiful.” Some of us really need to exercise a bit of minimalism.

So here’s an exercise to go with the style-guide. Write a story about the picture above. No word count limit. Just make sure that you stick to the style-guide. Practice minimalism and take a look at what you end up with.

I’ll leave you with this today. Hopefully it helps. I like this quick reference style guide because it describes work that’s not stuffy or pompous. It’s everyday language. It’s something that everyone can read. It helps focus more on the story/plot and not your dictionary.


Love, Joy



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