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5 Things That Keep Writers Motivated

liquid motivation
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#1) Music

One of the things that I love doing is immersing myself into whatever world I am writing about. We are essentially creating a world with every word that we put down on paper.

What I like to do is create a “soundtrack” for my story and put it on repeat while I write. Most of the songs are movie scores and instrumentals because lyrics tend to distract me but I’ll make an exception if it’s too perfect.

#2) Liquid Motivation

I think this is mostly psychological but I’m putting it down because it works for me. Screw Ambrosia, caffeine is the drink of the gods. So consider yourself a writing god. I’m going to give you a complex, I know.

Now the problem with caffeine is that there will be a time when it turns into a crutch. You’ll think that you write better with coffee. That’s not true. You don’t write better with coffee. You don’t need coffee to write.

“That’s blasphemy! You’ll have to pry my cup out of my cold, dead hands!”

But coffee will make you more productive because the caffiene helps you think by increasing your concentration and decreasing fatigue so there’s no real reason not to have some. If you’re not drinking more than five cups a day, you shouldn’t have any ill effects.

P.S. Watch this and read this.

#3) Other Stories

Reading will be your biggest motivator. Think about it, those stories are why you got into this in the first place, isn’t it? Just because you’ve realized that this is your calling, doesn’t mean that you should stop reading.

Read everything that you can get your hands on. It helps you think more critically. It helps you become more intelligent. It helps you escape into another world. It will help your vocabulary. It will help you become a better writer. But most importantly, it will help keep you motivated to write more. RITE MOAR!

#4) You Love It

If you decided to become a writer because of the fame and fortune, then you’re a sucker. I’m sorry. Yes, you can get rich and famous but most writer’s aren’t. It’s the sad truth. It’s really a “for the love” career. Real writers (the kind that don’t just talk about writing but actually write) can’t help what they do. Writing is like breathing. They love it more than they hate it.

In order to really enjoy writing and further your career, you’re going to have to write past all of the bumps and power through those road-blocks. Then keep in mind that after those road-blocks …are more road-blocks. Some are the kind that you can break through with a cow catcher. Some are the kind that require 4-wheel drive. All of those tools come in time but you have to earn them through dedication, tears, and lots of blood on paper.

To stay motivated in this business, you’re going to have to really love it. Writing isn’t a chore. It’s just what you do.

#5) Deadlines

This is my biggest motivator. Whether it is an professional deadline (set by some production company, publishing co, agent, or contest) or if it is a personal deadline (some arbitrary date or not), I find that a gigantic, looming, monolith of a deadline really helps.

When I wander or sneak off to do other things, it pokes me in the head with it’s giant stick of “what the fudge do you think you’re doing?” and gets me back on task.

It helps me because it helps me hold myself accountable.

“I am committed to this date, I better get it done.”

Not only that but the more people know about the deadline, the better I do. That’s also why I try to participate in NaNoWriMo every year.

So these are the top five things that keep me motivated to write. What about you? What keeps you motivated to finish that story? What kinds of things work for you? Is it something psychological or something tangible? Share it with us down in the comments section.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

Remember, if there is a topic that you would like one of us to cover, make sure to e-mail your idea to Put the phrase “Ask A Writer For Pete’s Sake” in the subject line and then ask away.


Love, Joy



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