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Tuesday Writing Challenge: Weird Writing Habits


Writers are weird. We have quirks and habits that make people look at us funny. We are sentimental about disposable things like notebooks and pens. We are superstitious about our antics and how our chair sits in the room.

You know how early birds get the worm? Honore de Balzac must have got the juiciest worms. He would go to bed at 6PM so that he could wake at 1AM and write for seven hours. Then nap for 90 minutes before writing until 4PM. Then walk, visit, bath, and then bed by 6PM.

My point is that all writers have these quirks and habits. Today’s challenge is to figure out what your quirk is and embrace it. It’s what makes you tick. If you’re brave enough, share it with us. Write it down in the comments section below. What do you do that is unique to your writing habits and/or schedule?

If you don’t have one, make one up for yourself. Having a career in a field that you love is not only a great achievement but something that you should enjoy. Why not do some quirky things while you work?

Do you have a “writing hat”? Do you set up your desk a specific way first? do you align everything in your office in a straight line? Do you write naked as a jay bird? Do you pick up a writing personal when you go out to write?

That last one is my favorite. I wear something that I wouldn’t normally wear, find myself an exotic name, wear sunglasses if it is hot or a pea-coat & fancy scarf if it’s cold, and pick a notebook that matches my mood.

If you want to take notes from some prolific writers try some of these tricks:

Hemingway wrote standing up.

Capote would write lying down.

Dan Brown likes to hang upside down in anti-gravity boots. He also gets up every hour to do some exercises to get his blood flowing.

Kerouac would write by candlelight.

Aaron Sorkin (a screenwriter) chain-smokes and acts out his dialogue.

Hugo wrote Les Miserables and The Hunchback of Notre-Dame while he was completely naked.

Maya Angelou would check into a hotel and write 12 pages before checking out for the day.

So let us in on your secret. What is your quirk or weird writing habit?

Love, Joy

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