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Writing Challenge: Ninjas Over The Rainbow

Chibi Ninjas

When I was in my high school creative writing class, we did an activity where the teacher (Mr. Davis – one of my favorites) had us write to some music. Now, that sounds pretty mundane but it did generate some pretty interesting narratives.

He had control of the stereo and he would switch songs after about 30 seconds or so: different artists, different genres, different tempos, etc. Our job, as writers, was to write non-stop. Write down anything that came to our heads. It didn’t matter if it made any sense. It didn’t matter if it was incoherent, absurd, or obscene (except we weren’t allowed to share the obscene material).

After a few minutes, we took highlighters to our written works of art and picked out our favorite phrases. I remember that one of mine was “ninjas over the rainbow.” *shrug* I don’t know what I was thinking. We made poems out of it, based some flash fiction off of it. It was an interesting, and invigorating experience. As adults, we always have to think linearly. We never get to let our minds just go wild.

So that is my challenge for you today. Grab a friend and have him make an iTunes playlist (or whatever) of some off the wall music. Then have him play DJ while you let your creative mind run free!

Post some of your favorite phrases down in the comments section. Good luck everyone!

OH! And don’t forget to enter our very first writing contest! The deadline is September 1st!

Love, Joy



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