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Writing Resources: Horror Fiction

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Hello everyone! It’s Joy again. Here at Writers for Pete’s Sake we have been making writer kits to sell at fundraising events. When I saw this “Mystery Writer’s Kit” I was so impressed. Our very own Katy Fulton designed and made it all on her own:

mystery writers' kit

Isn’t it amazing? Anyway, I’ve been assigned with making a “Horror Writer’s Kit” and I couldn’t be happier. It is my genre of choice, after all. I’ve been coming up with some great things to add to the kit. Because of that, I’ve come across some informative and helpful articles that have to do with the horror genre: from settings to rules to plot devices. There’s so much information!

I’ve compiled a list of my fav’s here for you to check out. Bookmark them. Read them. Love them. These articles are awesome:

Chuck Wendig’s 25 Things You Should Know About Writing Horror
Horror Factor: Horror Sub-Genres by Paula Guran
Creating an Environment for a Horror Story by Sarah Todd
13 Tips for Writing Horror Fiction by Robert Gray
Generic Horror vs. Innovative Horror by Jason Meredith
Scary 101: How to Write a Good Horror Story by Sugary Snicket Productions
Writer’s Digest’s Horror & Mystery Settings
Top Five Overused Horror Settings by Jimm McShane
Lingering Fears: From Childhood to Adult by Richard Davis
H.P. Lovecraft’s “Supernatural Horror in Literature”

Not only that but I’ve compiled a list of horror sub-genres and wiki’d them for you (because I love you so much):

Horror Fiction
Gothic Fiction
Lovecraftian Horror
Apocalyptic and Post-Apocalyptic Fiction
Erotic Horror
Dark Fantasy
Psychological Horror

Also check out this list of horror fiction writers. The best resource that a writer has are books within that genre. You can research until your eyes start to bleed but you won’t be able to write in that genre unless you’ve read books in that genre as well. If you want a more concise list (even I admit, that wiki list is scary) try The Top 20 Greatest Horror Writers of All-Time by Tim Janson or better yet, 10 Novels That Will Disturb Even The Coldest of Hearts by Kathleen Massara.

I hope that I’ve helped. The horror genre encompasses so much. It’s hard to pin-down the “must-have’s” and “must-do’s” of it all. Not only that but we (as writers) need to take all of that information and all of those examples and weave our favorite elements into our stories, while putting our own twist to it. I know I’m up for the challenge. Are you?

Do you have a link to add to the list or your own article/post about horror writing? Post it in the comments to share with our fellow horror writers. And if you want, tell us about the horror story that you’re working on or just finished.

Love, Joy



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4 thoughts on “Writing Resources: Horror Fiction

    1. Thanks! I hope they help. I wanted to put documents filled with these links in a flash drive for the “horror writer kit” but I figured that since we would be making money off of the kits, having other people’s work (even links to their work) might be some kind of copyright infringement. So I opted to just share them with everyone instead. 🙂

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