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Writing Challenge: Short Story

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This week’s writing challenge is to write a short story. If you’re already a short story writer, then hone your writing skills by writing a flash fiction story. The point of today’s writing challenge is to emphasize the importance of words (not specific structures – though that is important as well).

If you are used to writing longer pieces (novellas, novels, plays, screenplays, etc.) then you may benefit from trying to write a shorter piece. At a glance, it might not seem like it would be too different but occasionally writing a short story really does hone your skills as a writer. Having to be concise in your words means that you will choose your words carefully. This is a great exercise in vocabulary and word choice.

If you’re the type that can’t just start something from a blank slate then let me give you something to start from. Write a short story about an animal. It could be magical: a unicorn, manbearpig, sharktopus. It can be a pet: your dog, cat, fish, hamster, bed bugs, the birds that live in your uncle Benny’s beard. It could be wild: narwhal, Sasquatch, turtles on spring break. Have it go on an adventure and take us along.

If you’re writing a short story, it should be under 7,500 words. If you’re writing a flash fiction piece, it should be under 1000 words.

If you write something brilliant and want to share it with the world, link it to us in the comments section below and someone from Writers for Pete’s Sake will check it out and give you a shout out on our page.

Good luck everyone and have a happy Tuesday!

Love, Joy



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